Client Reviews


Olympic Fitness

After two right knee replacements and multiple back surgeries my jogging came to an end and I had to seek alternative fitness solutions. My doctor suggested personal training and I was fortunate to find Domenic. During my consultation he took careful notes regarding my limitations and customized a workout to accommodate them. For more then two years Domenic has helped me strengthen and tone, reduce body fat, improve BMI and more - without compromising either knee or back. Domenic cares about his clients....and their results. 5 star trainer! - Carol

I have been working out with Domenic for a while. I hate the gym and lifting weights. He has made working out fun and efficient. He has a private studio with everything you need. If you are looking for a personal trainer and are sick of the gym give him a call. - Abdul

Domenic is absolutely wonderful. He's an excellent, devoted trainer; I’ve been especially impressed with his true personal interest in helping me achieve my goals. His workouts are always adapted to my specific, ever-changing needs, and he strikes the perfect balance between encouragement and pushing me. As a direct result of his workouts, I'm a stronger, faster, more confident runner, and I'm setting personal records I didn't think were possible. I highly recommend him to anyone who has any fitness goal they hope to achieve. - CM

Domenic is an excellent trainer who has been helping me build some muscle and loose excess weight for the summer. My fiancée and I go twice a week for personal training, and Domenic designs workouts that fit our specific needs. For example, I've been working on developing sexy ab lines for the bikini season, so each session he throws in a ton of core/abs workout to help me achieve the goal. My fiancée has some old shoulder injuries, and Domenic puts together a series of shoulder/bicep/tricep workouts to help my fiancée strengthen the muscles of the area.  All in all, I highly recommend Domenic as a personal trainer. - Grace

I trained with Domenic for 15 months and was very impressed with him and the results I got from training with him.

The workouts were diverse and if  there was something that was bothering me (low back pain, pulled hamstrings) he was quick to suggest an alternative, showing his extensive knowledge of exercises. I noticed great results, especially in arms and back, which were previous areas of concern for me. Further, his studio is private and he offers support and tips to maximize your workout. He is also flexible and understanding of schedule changes, which is super helpful.

Overall, I had a great experience working out with him and would suggest him to anyone who is looking to workout with a personal trainer. - Elizabeth F

I've been training with Domenic for a year now. I'm happy to say I have reached my goals and have lost 20lbs and 4 dress sizes! I've also developed a lot of muscle. I look and feel great thanks to Olympic Fitness. I couldnt be happier with my experience - M.J.

Great trainer!!  I recently lost a little weight and was feeling self-conscious - the private setting at Olympic Fitness allowed me to completely focus on my training. Domenic gave me personalized training and tweaked it every week - He encouraged and challenged me.  Every session I left feeling very proud of myself and also feeling like I had an amazing workout!   I highly recommend this trainer!! - Donna